Grid tie Rooftop Solar System

Solar Grid Tie Rooftop Systems

  1. A Grid Tie Solar Rooftop is a Photovoltaic(PV) system that has its electricity generating modules mounted on the rooftop of a residential/commercial/industrial building.
  2. The system converts solar electric (PV) power into utility grade electricity. The electricity can be used to run all kind of electrical appliances and any excess generated can be transmitted back to the power grid.
  3. For the system to operate, the solar grid tie inverter must have grid power available and connected. Advanced state of art electronics embedded inside the inverter ensure that maximum PV power is converted to electricity and delivered for consumption or transmission to the power grid.
  4. The generated power during the day time can be utilised to run all kind of electrical appliances and excess power can be fed to grid as long as grid is available in cases where solar power is not sufficient during cloud cover or night time the captive load are served by drawing power from grid.


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